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It's time to bring all your ideas and opinions to a common place where your voice can be heard!! Sports,  entertainment and real life come together every Monday from 8-10pm. Make sure you carve out some time to listen in and be apart of the conversation. Every week win or lose, we will be here to real it all down cuz there's no ties where I'm from!!



Darian Williams better known as DH, has been in the business of entertainment since a young child. Commanding the attention of his family and friends at gatherings, he has always been vested in bringing the people together. Being a former athlete himself, he has been fully engulfed in sports since childhood. 



With his transition to adulthood, DH is an actor, radio personality, and a musician. He truly enjoys having a voice and sharing his opinions and ideas with all who will hear. His goal is for all under the sound of his voice to enjoy themselves and contribute to the betterment of others. Life is truly easy, we make it difficult. Let's release the stress and be you.


Catch Win Or Lose Radio Every Monday at 8pm!




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