Spilling the T.E.A (Trendy Entertainment & Artistry) 

in an internet radio show that was created by the 

owners of Eevi Juices, LLC Erica “SassE” Willis and 

Victoria “Miss Vee”Walker. 

Since starting their mobile juicing business two 

years ago they’ve been on a mission to educate 

and promote being healthy from the inside out. 

Both ladies have a passion for helping others; so 

why not touch more people by creating a radio 

show. To add a little controversy and creativity, 

Mark “Mark Alan” Pendgergrast was brought in 

to complete the team. 

Together these three talk about everything from 

politics, relationships, sports, entertainment, 

financial management, entrepreneurship, and 

more! No topic is off limits. They discuss the latest 

Trends, Entertain you with serious and comical 

topics and spotlight local Artist; from singers, 

comedians, graphic designers, street artist, and 



The show airs every Wednesday from 8-9 pm on 

WTTS Radio. Spilling the T.E.A Radio Show has 

given local talent a platform so that our 1000 

plus listeners have the opportunity to become in 

tune with different sounds of music and artistic 

visions while touching subjects related to politics, 

fashion, sports, entrepreneurship and more.


Mark Alan