On Air Morning Tea

Starring Lonnie Bee “America’s Judy on Duty”


On Air Morning Tea is a radio show designed for the people hosted by Lonnie Bee, A show set out to inspire, motivated and give the world hope! Also displaying and showcasing many different talents and walks of life, exposing us all to the unknown while educating us all to know. The show is full of laughs, strong opinions and adult content “Real, Raw & Uncut!” as Lonnie loves to say! 


Lonnie Bee is every Girl’s Best friend and every homeboy’s counselor, filled with love, wisdoms, humor and understanding it’s never a dull moment with your Judy on Duty. Born and raised in the hood of Washington DC in the heart southeast where survival was the game, the streets was the test and life was the teacher and your Judy has now graduated using his experiences and knowledge as a guide to help someone else on his newest platform

“On Air Morning Tea!”

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